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so she's cosplaying as a ghost in starcraft 2?

DyoAnima responds:

yeah, it's nova's costume, in a fantasy I had it gave me the idea of seeing her in marie rose and here's the result

I absolutely love the spaceship. Best. Wish. EVER!

The eraser one got me lmao

This was very well animated. I cant help but feel like its inspired by super smash flash 2? heh but thats kool bro, keep up the good work.

HatimId responds:

Well, I only found out about Lloyd from SSF2 so you could say that. :P

Not Bad, smooth animation, nice sound effects, voice sounded weird but imma just assume thats what u were going for so it works. All in all, pretty good, only question i have is why?!

VoiceManDango responds:

The answer to your one question is supply and demand.

Fresh, clean, and if u ask me, pretty awesome! The conclusion was right since link is faster and all (watch Death battle) and it was done very well. Love sprite fights! Keep up the work buddy!

Great! Pretty good animation, and voice acting was okay, but ideas and jokes were funny. I couldnt stop laughing once i saw lelouch, and then laughed more when i heard purpleEyesWTF! Overall, it was awesome!

This was too awesome for me not to watch just once! It was a perfect story line, that had been confusing but soon but it self together, piece by piece! Loved it from beginnning of the series to the end! and this ending was amazing! But i have an idea that i know may be ignored but, its an idea. The girl at the end, Enid right? If she gets her own series, have her find more ppl with skill that help her out with the cause to take down those ppl! Like during the series she finds ppl with excellent skills why aid her no? meh, all things aside, THIS WAS AWESOME! >:D

this is why u play madness nexus, u kill this bastard the way hank is suppose to, lol awesome flash though :P

NO! you broke the I-gun!

Dude, awesome annimation, okay voice work, and funny jokes! i laughed alot and im somtimes hard to make laugh! dude u did an awesome job! :D

Rough Start but soon a Revival

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