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vicman132's News

Posted by vicman132 - April 14th, 2015

Working on things, maybe a clip, maybe a new song, maybe...maybe...

Posted by vicman132 - February 8th, 2014

So, unfortuneatly my old music maker finally gave in and died before I could get anything. I lost about 3 - 5 completed songs. 2 of which I had high expectations of but oh well. I have been working on my music (and maybe a bit more) but not as much as I would like because of school. But if I'm not playing starcraft or star trek online (yup, I'm one of those guys heh) I am working on my music and hopfully I can release a new songs soon. This new music maker though is just so much! But I will try as soon as I can to finally show you something! Until then, laters!

Posted by vicman132 - September 2nd, 2013

Just got a new Music maker...thing. Cant wait to start making some new songs on it! Any other song that is finished or close to will be uploaded shortly, but expect some newer stuff from me! So hyped right now!

Posted by vicman132 - November 12th, 2012

So I forgot to upload some songs, and forgot to fix a few due to school being in the way. Well i see that a few of my songs have gotta some good ratings, and some reviews. Now imma upload another one, and hope that one will go pretty well
Heres the Link
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/510977?up dated=1

Posted by vicman132 - September 7th, 2012

So i have like what....4- 7 songs done (too lazy to check) problem is some i have no name for most of them, the ones i do have i may upload tonight. the others i still needa thing about. Glad to see ppl actually checking out and liking my audio, wish i could get some feedback tho. Well need start finishing and making more music! :P

Posted by vicman132 - August 12th, 2012

Okay so I just uploaded a new song and its awesome so check it out, called "Drifting Sounds" yea, new audio in the making!....meh

Posted by vicman132 - July 7th, 2012

so i had a song from this flash i was going to make up in the audio portal but for some reason it didnt come out right! its a good song but i wanted on the portal, so i changed the beat that was screwing it up and hopfully it comes out fine now. if not imma be mad a hell!

Posted by vicman132 - July 2nd, 2012

Bored at the moment of life, trying to make this flash but my friend is fucking up in it so i might just finish it myself or scrap it, but till then im making some more audio. Hopefully better than my last which i believe to be a fail.

Posted by vicman132 - June 15th, 2012

i just upload a song thing i made called "Random work" for no reason! check it out if u may likehttp://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/49027 4

Posted by vicman132 - March 7th, 2011

forgot to come back to newgrounds for a while, finally came back but now theres a lot of kool shit i missed, god damn! well i got some catching up to do